The best selling Evo X catch can on the market, the Driven Fab V4 catch can is the newest catch can in the Driven Fab fleet of performance products!


These catch cans are released in EXTREMELY limited drops - we no longer do back-orders to wait lists. Once the catch can becomes available for shipping, we will add them to the site and they will be offered on a first come first serve basis. If you see inventory in-stock on the site, they are available to ship!


Each catch can comes as a complete bolt-in kit with the following features:


  • Cast Aluminum / CNC Machined Body 
  • Profesionally TIG welded
  • 6061T6 Aluminum fittings
  • Mini texture black powder coat finish
  • 25% larger than the V3 unit
  • Coolant level sight tube
  • 100% Servicable to clean / replace Catch Can baffling
  • 10an valve cover fittings
  • 10an braided lines and fittings
  • Custom Driven Fab breather filter for added hood clearance 
  • Hand siphon pump for easy draining
  • Silicon vacuum caps (won't dry out and crack causing a vacuum leak)

Evo X V4 Catch Can / Coolant Overflow

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